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    Dawn Ravens (23 poems from Saadi and Rumi)

          Lapwing Publications, delayed:   £x.xx   ISBN: 978-1-xxxxxx-xx-x

An astonishing trajectory through love and loss, rendered with utter honesty and vulnerability: DAWN RAVENS is due with Lapwing Publications [delayed].

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Again this night
your body leaves me
for sleep: for your own

separate deepness. Light
here is sightless, makes
of our chamber

this saintly grotto – so
faint its gain, its
kiss pure

yet almost non-existent
at your sleeve. Your
soul, sightless

of me: unknown
to you it

to say: You and I
shall burn together, burn

apart until this earth dissolves.
Now I pray to darkness,
to my heart

unbirthed so bloodless within its
ribbed trunk, wordless,

as though all human blood in its
rigour had been drunk.
And through this

is God mere emptying,
unfocussing space – or out in

the street on elegant feet that
holy figure agleam: slow

saffron to your pale
dreaming crocus
of a face?
                          (c) Mario Petrucci 2019

Dawn Ravens is a fascinating hybrid beast, part Rumi, part Saadi, part Petrucci. It is also a challenging - because unstable - text, a remarkable blend of ancient and modern, where traditional diction is played off against an excoriating contemporary loss. These are powerful cries of pain. Petrucci's inventiveness with form, and the intensity with which he drives the pathos, are real achievements.    Martyn Crucefix

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