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    Moonbird : love poems

          Fair Acre Press: 14 February 2023   ISBN: 978-1-911048-74-9;   £ 7.50    (pamphlet)


Held within distance
is means for intimacy more

bracing than embrace or
in absence so individually felt

more presence than kisses:
have nations seen how isolation

melts into touch that is
touchless… something precious

no longer rationed
a flinging to love almost

too much?
What is this breath

breathed so
separate as togetherness

so that even
if Death should dare

for each
each may reach

there as Us?



I find the petals in me
you are opening that blossoms me

or sun’s molten metal
you are emptiness gently to carry me

when I fill my moon
you are that silveriness to spill me

no longer alone
you are love that marries me

So – whenever you wish
whatever you wish

let me be ocean’s rim
that comes to you

seas that miss yet
never fish you

these waters
you swim that

to moment

kiss you

             (c) Mario Petrucci 2023

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Inspired by Pablo Neruda and E. E. Cummings as much as by Rumi, Moonbird : love poems provides a courtship display of rare distinction, combining a compelling uniqueness of voice with insistent imagery and profound sonic beauty. These pieces strut regally before us in sensuous thrall to physical love; but they also soar with all the grace and composure of devotional literature, alert to each sacred updraught from the beloved. This is modern love poetry singing itself to strains of timelessness, its spirited flights of sensibility ever grounded in stillness. Admired for the vitality and innovation of his translations from classical and medieval love poetry (Catullus, Sappho, Hafez), Mario Petrucci here lights up language with the intensities of adoration across its many phases, from the pared crescents of near-wordlessness to consummation’s full-rounded soul-song.


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"Moon : Bird : Sea"    [written/recorded 2020]

Reviews of Moonbird : love poems...

“I read it in one go. I am attempting a response while still in a reverie and barely have words to do you justice. If the Song of Songs were composed today, it could not speak more vividly of Love in its most wonderful manifestations than in this Moonbird.”   Reader comment.

“The poems are essentially rhapsodic, uplifting… Petrucci has the rare talent to be able to compose erotic poetry without any hint of prurience.”   Acumen 107 (Andrew Geary; September 2023).

[On the trilogy that includes ‘afterlove’ and ‘Dawn Ravens’…]

“Petrucci’s trilogy of love poetry is a fine poetic concerto, the three movements very different, each accomplished and full of word-song.”   Acumen 107 (Andrew Geary; September 2023).



copyright mario petrucci 2021