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    Nights * Sifnos * Hands

          Flarestack Poets, 2010:    £4.50       ISBN: 978-1-906480-24-0    (pamphlet)

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Blue   Night

Lightning.   Lifts
a lance.   Another.   Drops
his grille of dark then charges

to rumble me at this
thin-glass protection.   I face
blue-black armour.   Neon escutcheons.

Perhaps violence
redresses.   Starts these
sheepish sleepless lines seeking

to dispatch night by ration
-alising weather: as if to sunder
horse more than rider by reaching

for the switch that raises
to the night its white hand
-kerchief window.    Only to

drop it.   That bolt found
its mark.   Must have struck
a substation.   Dark on its hoofs

of dark romps in – but only
to level.   Each flash rings through
the black.   One lance slaps a spire to

copper and lava.   Let it.
Let morning be for green and
skew-white faces of children.   Light

– for once I’ll do without.   Others
at their windows shadow
themselves in blue.

        (c) Mario Petrucci 2010


Nights * Sifnos * Hands brings together three divertissements from Mario Petrucci's monumental modernist sequence, i tulips. Informed by the Black Mountain and Objectivist poets, this triad captures the sense of form and thematic range of the parent work, projected to reach over a thousand poems. The symphonic movement of subject matter in this selection resounds with Petrucci's characteristic layering of insight, his fascination with the fractured musical opportunities offered by the poetic line. From molecular note to cosmic chord, we witness Petrucci's unique fusion of science with art and, above all, his utter commitment and devotion to language.

“Displays awareness of the cutting edge of international creative experiments without losing sight of accessibility. A fantastic demonstration of how form and meaning can collaborate to create great poetry.”

George Ttoouli

"Poised, balletic, in its exploration of intellectual and physical, light-bound space."

Simon Jenner

“Petrucci is somebody working with a lively circumspection in a tradition he’s demonstrating not to have been merely an early-to-mid-20th-century exploration.”

Roy Fisher

“Immensely evocative of the shifting hues and tones of night in different times and places. The middle sequence... gives full rein to Petrucci’s experimental but never fetishistic exploration of language and line, resulting in intensely musical meditations on place and nature. Finally, ‘fifteen variations and no fugue’... form an intimate, delicate dissection of the physical, emotional and musical dimensions of the human hand.”

The Frogmore Papers 77 (Spring 2011)



copyright mario petrucci 2010